Changing the aspect of an aircraft by using an innovative and performante process is our goal.

It is because we are pilotes, graphic designers and vinyl specialists that we are the most competent to offer the best expertise in this sector.

 Remodelling and transforming planes with specialized stickers

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 An original and innovative concept

AirBranding-covering d'un bi-plan

Airbranding can develop and deliver exactly what you want. Looking for a 2D project?From the conceptualization to its implementation, we are here to guide you.

Whatever the plane, it can be changed into a piece of art, transformed into the effigy of your compagny or simply modified to suit your tastes.

AirBranding-maquette 2D
AirBranding-covering R66

The use of thermoformable vinyl films system improves the aerodynamics, reduces weight and provides significant gains in performance. 

The laying process has been tested in different conditions and improved through our extensive experience. It is indeed important to consider the extrem effects that an aircraft can endure.

The flight characteristics are strictly respected for each sticker covering we produce.

AirBranding in video